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20th March 2014  Content supplied by: Priorclave

Priorclave Launches New Autoclave Web Site

This month (March 2014) Priorclave’s new web site ( went live and reflects the company’s up-front policy of providing would-be autoclave purchasers with facts and figures that will steer them easily to identify the best possible steam steriliser for their application.  The selection process begins right on the home page where answering a few key questions on the Product Finder, guides users to the most appropriate Priorclave available and within a given budget.

Priorclave is firmly established as a global autoclave supplier, success built around its in-house assets of strong design credentials and modern manufacturing facility coupled with rigorous test and calibration centre.  These ensure that quality, robust autoclaves leave the UK factory to satisfy the steam sterilising requirements of every specific application worldwide.

With over fifty standard autoclaves, models including front and top loading sterilisers with cylindrical or rectangular stainless steel chambers and with capacities from 40 to 700 litres, Priorclave has made the task of searching for you ideal Priorclave much easier.  In addition to the Product Finder on the Home Page, every product range incorporates a quick-selection guide to help easily locate the most appropriate autoclave for the laboratory application.

Evolved over more than 25 years this comprehensive selection of Priorclaves includes a variety of styles including benchtop, floor-standing designs for mid and high capacity applications, powerdoors versions as well as double-door autoclaves and choice of steam generation.  For many there will be an autoclave to meet their requirements, however should a unique build be required this can be undertaken since Priorclave has total control over design and production at its British manufacturing centre.

Visitors to the new Priorclave web site will find it much easier to navigate, find product details plus a host of helpful information on topics such as what to consider when selecting an autoclave, information on the company’s extensive pre and after sales support. Lost your manual? These are also available for download.



Date Published: 20th March 2014

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