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10th June 2014  Content supplied by: serosep

Faecal Pathogen Screening System Implemented - Results in 3hrs.

The Sandwell & West Birmingham Hospital - NHS in West Midlands has implemented the Serosep 'EntericBio' Lean Process for faecal pathogen screening, using real time multiplex PCR to provide negative results on stools within three hours.

The EntericBio system is a molecular automated platform for the detection of enteric pathogens’ DNA directly from stool samples. The test targets Salmonella sp, Shigella sp, Campylobacter sp and Verotoxin-producing organisms such as E. coli (VTEC) in a PCR assay that allows the issue of a negative report on samples within 3 hours.

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Date Published: 10th June 2014

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