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16th March 2022  Content supplied by: World Bioproducts

Environmental Sampling Tools for Today’s Unique Food Safety Challenges

World Bioproducts focuses exclusively on developing fit-for-purpose products that address the specific environmental sampling needs of the food industry.  Environmental monitoring requires collecting samples from a wide variety of surfaces including processing equipment and conveyors, drains, expansive floor or wall surfaces, and even small cracks or crevices.  

The medical-grade polyurethane foam used in the EZ Reach™ sponge sampler and PUR-Blue™ swab family of collection devices offers several advantages over cellulose sponges, fabric pads, and fiber tip swabs.

  • Strong enough to resist tearing or crumbling, allowing for a thorough sample of even rough surfaces
  • Conforms to the uneven surfaces of drains and equipment to ensure full contact between the collection device and the sample area
  • Absorbs collection solution and suspended microorganisms released from the surface to ensure accurate sampling
  • High purity, biocide-free material won’t inhibit recovery of microorganisms or interfere with rapid test methods

HiCap™ Neutralizing Broth is the first collection broth developed specifically for use in the food and beverage industry.   By neutralizing residual sanitizers on the sampled surface and maintaining the viability of the collected microorganisms for up to 72 hours, HiCap helps prevent false negative test results and facilitates accurate quantification of microorganisms. HiCap is formulated to be non-allergenic, containing only components acceptable for use in food, and to be compatible with both traditional and rapid enumeration and pathogen detection methods

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Date Published: 16th March 2022

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