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Tecta-PDS Enterococci Test Delivers Rapid, Automated Results for Water

Fast automated detection of enterococci in recreational waterTecta-PDS is pleased to announce the launch their new Enterococci ENA test for the Tecta-B16 automated microbial detection solution.  Adding to the existing Tecta portfolio of tests such as E.coli, total & fecal coliforms, the new Enterococci test looks to revolutionize the recreational water testing market by offering significant advantages over the conventional test methods.

Key features and advantages of the new Enterococci test include:

  • overall ease-of-use with no media prep or filtering
  • fully automated quantitative results interpretation with no visual or manual interpretation required
  • rapid detection between 2-24 hours (depends on concentration of bacteria)
  • on-site / remote testing capabilities with early-alerting and remote access to results via automated email notification
  • limit of detection of 1 CFU / 100mL; upper limit of 108 CFU / 100mL
  • test not affected by turbidity, sample color, or high concentrations of bacteria, with no need to dilute samples to reduce these properties

Operational videos for Tecta instrument and methodology are available at: www.youtube.com

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Tags: Enterococci, Escherichia coli

Date Published: October 6, 2017

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