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EntericBio realtime

Entericbio realtime

Revolutionising Faecal Pathogen Testing

Screen Four Faecal Pathogens on One Test within 3 Hours

5 targets detected in one test……

i. Campylobacter,
ii. Shigella,
iii. Stx 1
iv. Stx 2
v. Salmonella

  • Simple 3-Step Test Process - designed by Medical Scientists for Medical Scientists
  • Ease of Use - no DNA extraction, no reagent preparation, no manual pipetting,...
  • Fast results - revolutionises Faecal Pathogen Testing from previous 3-day process
  • Cost effective

EntericBio realtime is the new Gold Standard test for screening of faecal pathogens

Clinical evaluation results prove that EntericBio realtime is more sensitive than standard culture tests.

Fast, Accurate, Reliable, Efficient Easy to use……..

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Date Published: January 7, 2013 » company contact details
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