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5th July 2022  Content supplied by: bioMérieux (Industry)

EM-Power the Future With the 3P® ENTERPRISE Solution

In aseptic processing, one of the most important laboratory controls is the Environmental Monitoring (EM) program. Indeed, how your EM process is managed is a decisive factor when manufacturing products dedicated to healthcare. The 3P® ENTERPRISE solution has been developed by bioMérieux to fully address the daily industrial challenges of EM. Developed and validated, in collaboration with major global pharmaceutical companies, 3P® ENTERPRISE provides an end-to-end solution that fully digitalizes and automates the EM process.

3P® ENTERPRISE is a combination of three key products:

  • The 3P® SMART PLATES. Enhanced with a new ultra-clear design and GS1 barcode labelling, the plates form the heart of 3P® ENTERPRISE.
  • The 3P® CONNECT software* is the second part of the solution. The software automatically and immediately collects, tracks, and saves all the actions and data related to EM. This removes the paperwork process and so decreases the risk of errors and win time during the entire EM process. Ultimately these enable companies to make reliable decisions, maximize efficiency and improve compliance.
  • Then the 3P® STATION, an instrument that automates the incubation and counting of microbiological colonies on EM Petri dishes in real time. A combination of high performance algorithms and high definition images taken every hour means that there is a standardized reading of plates - no human error - and alerts raised should a sample exceed its specification, allowing rapid corrective actions.

Do you need more information? Please visit our website, contact your bioMérieux representative or use the Request Information button below.

* 3P® CONNECT software is powered by Mirrhia®, a company dedicated to the international distribution of environmental monitoring & contamination control solutions.

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Date Published: 5th July 2022

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