11th March 2022  Content supplied by: Himedia Laboratories

EM-CULT ENLOCKTM: Ready Prepared Plates for Environmental Monitoring

An Environmental Monitoring Program plays an important role in assessing the state of control of the facility and viable air monitoring is one of the key monitoring methods.

Viable air monitoring can be done via active air sampling and passive air sampling. Both methods are carried out using the culture media plates which are exposed to air and incubated for obtaining the colony-forming units.

However, accidental opening of plates post sampling leads to erroneous results. To avoid such issues and secure the environmental monitoring results, we have developed lockable ready-prepared plates.

Introducing EM-CULT ENLOCKTM, lockable 90 mm ready-prepared plates for viable air monitoring.

Product features & benefits:

  • Gamma irradiated & triple wrap packaging provide safety for use in cleanrooms
  • Barcoded plates provide paperless documentation
  • Available with various neutralizers to avoid false negatives due to the presence of disinfectant residues
  • Choice of 100% animal-free media formulations using HiVegTM plant-based peptones

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Date Published: 11th March 2022

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