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2nd August 2022  Content supplied by: R-Biopharm AG

Edible Insects – Delicacy or Allergy Risk?

Edible insects are a matter of course for more than a quarter of the world’s population, because they taste good, are nutritious and are relatively readily available. Thus, insects supplement the diets of approximately two billion people in various countries around the world – mainly in parts of Asia, Africa and Latin America. More and more, the interest in insects as a sustainable source of nutrition is increasing in Western countries as well. Furthermore, the processing of insects for food and feed is comparatively easy. In some cases, the whole insect can be or is consumed. However, they can also be processed into pastes, ground to meal, and their proteins can be extracted.

According to the FAO, the use of insects as food and feed has not only health benefits, but also environmental, livelihood and social benefits.

R-biopharm has some detailed information on the following aspects of using insects as novel foods including:

  • Health benefits of eating insects
  • Environmental benefits
  • Livelihood and social benefits
  • EU Approval of Insects as novel foods
  • Labeling and product specificity
  • How are the edible insects served?
  • Allergenic potential
  • Other possible risks
  • What are edible insects fed with?
  • ‘Ick’ factor or delicacy?
  • What about foods that ‘secretly’ may contain insects

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Date Published: 2nd August 2022

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