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26th June 2018  Content supplied by: rapidmicrobiology.com

Dry Sample-ready Plates Are Ideal Alternative to RMMs

If you are thinking of bringing some or all of your food and water microbiology testing back in house or setting up a microbiology lab for the first time, the latest Test Method Guide from rapidmicrobiology might be a useful read.

It describes why the classic rapid microbiology testing methods such as PCR or immunoassays might not meet your particular requirements. Experts in the food microbiology testing market, Strategic Consultants, Inc. in their Industrial Microbiology Market Review, Fifth Edition (IMMR—5)) report that whilst the figure varies by world region, around 50% of global microbiological testing is still done on traditional media. But that doesn't have to mean pouring agar into Petri dishes!

In rapidmicrobiology's latest Test Method Guide, we explore how the ready-to-rehydrate style plates can fill the gap between molecular or immunoassay based rapid methods and traditional plates.

For full article go to: Dry Sample-ready Plates Are Ideal Alternative to Rapid Microbiological Methods

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Date Published: 26th June 2018

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