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18th July 2023  Content supplied by: Sartorius AG

Download Tips and Tricks For Pipetting 3D Cell Cultures

Although the use of 3D cell cultures has grown rapidly in recent years, they can be challenging to prepare. Are any of these challenges familiar to you when preparing 3D cell cultures?

1.    Difficulty pipetting viscous fluids used in 3D cell culture applications
2.    Difficulty transferring individual spheroids from one 96-well plate to another
3.    Loss of single spheroids during media exchange when using a multichannel pipette
4.    Cells sinking to the bottom of the well and growing in 2D
5.    Liquid dripping from the tip
6.    Contamination of cell cultures
7.    Difficulty increasing throughput

If you face any of these challenges when preparing 3D cell cultures, then this infographic is for you! Learn how to overcome these challenges and discover tips and tricks for pipetting 3D cell cultures!

Download the infographic here.

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Date Published: 18th July 2023

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