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25th February 2014  Content supplied by: Coris Bioconcept

New GastroVir K-SeT - Detection Kit for Rotavirus and Adenovirus 40/41

Coris Bioconcept has introduced the GastroVir K-SeT kit - a test strip for the simultaneuous detection of Rotavirus and Adenovirus – serotypes 40/41 in stool specimens.

The detection requires a 15 minutes run time with only a few seconds of manual handling to collect the sample with the material provided in the kit.

A multi-centre validation has been performed on 1,201 samples with good results: the performances of the GastroVir K-SeT kit are similar to others with a strip format with sensitivity (>99%) and specificity (>99%).

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Date Published: 25th February 2014

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