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6th July 2022  Content supplied by: NCIMB Ltd

Customised qPCR Assays Available From NCIMB

Aberdeen-based microbiology, analytical services, and biological material storage company NCIMB Ltd. now offers customers customised qPCR assays for organisms or functional genes of interest, as well as undertaking commonly requested tests.

qPCR is a method that can rapidly detect and quantify groups of microorganisms in many different types of samples. It is a well-known test for diagnosing infectious diseases, but it also has a range of industrial applications. For example, qPCR can be used to test for and monitor particular groups of organisms, such as sulphate reducers, that are known to cause problems in particular environments.  

Regular sampling and testing can help to track changes over time and qPCR can also be a useful tool for confirming the presence or absence of microbes that are used in microbial products and manufacturing processes.

NCIMB offers a range of microbiology and analytical services in addition to qPCR, as well as curating the UK’s National Collection of Industrial, Food and Marine Bacteria, part of the UK Biological Resource Centre Network.

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Date Published: 6th July 2022

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