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8th April 2022  Content supplied by: Copan Italia S.p.a.

Copan’s Workflow-Integrated System Environment

Copan is Innovating Together; that’s a fact.

Four decades of strenuous innovation and collaboration with healthcare professionals allowed Copan to conceive a complete ecosystem taking care of biological samples, from their collection to the latest diagnostic platforms. This is not big news, but today, Copan’s holistic approach finally got a name:

Workflow-Integrated System Environment (WISE)
System Environment - as Copan’s comprehensive ecosystem encompasses anything from sample collection, transport, image analysis, and data interpretation.
Workflow-Integrated - as Copan solutions have been designed to seamlessly integrate into any workflow, ensuring downstream compatibility and improving standardization.

The WISE approach will be the leitmotif of Copan’s communication in the near future, ECCMID included.

Self-collection is an essential part of Copan’s WISE approach, as the development of safe and reliable devices could allow sampling to be performed by anyone, anywhere. During Copan’s ECCMID integrated lunch symposium “Sample self-collection, a lesson gained during the COVID pandemic,” four distinguished speakers will update the audience on the advances and future trends of sample self-collection.

  • Social innovation to increase access to STI testing during COVID-19: The IWantTheKit Program
    Prof. Johan Melendez - Johns Hopkins School of Medicine – Baltimore (US)
  • Cervical cancer prevention during the COVID-19 pandemic: home self-collection for the safe participation of women in screening
    Prof. Clementina Elvezia Cocuzza - University of Milano-Bicocca – Milan (Italy)
  • High throughput HLA typing and CMV antibody detection from self-collected buccal swabs
    Dr. Geoffrey Behrens - DKMS Life Science Lab GmbH – Dresden – (Germany)
  • Self-collection as a tool for active surveillance of asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infection
    Prof. Elisa Borghi - Università Statale di Milano - Milan (Italy)

Book your seat for the event – Saturday, April 23rd, from 12:15 to 13:15 at the link below!

Specimen collection is only a fraction of the WISE philosophy;Copan’s complete automation ecosystem can be paired with sampling devices, offering effortless sample handling, high-sensitivity image analysis, and error-free data interpretation.

At ECCMID booth 1-4, Pavilion 2, Copan will display the complete portfolio of collection devices, transport media, and automation for clinical bacteriology and molecular biology.

Find out more and register on Copan’s page dedicated to ECCMID or click on the Request Information button below.

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Date Published: 8th April 2022

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