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Commercialization Partners Sought for Rapid Microbial Detection Technologies

Photonic BioSystems are actively seeking commercialization partners (licensees) to bring their rapid microbial detection and sampling technologies to market. The technologies enable rapid sampling, detection and measurement of bacteria, cells, microorganisms and microbial contaminants - including E. coli, total coliform, MRSA and other microbes.

Photonic BioSystems' technologies were derived through SBIR development funding by the US Department of Defense to fulfill Army requirements for an automated field test to provide troops a "fast-as-possible" measurement of water quality. Photonic Biosystems has rights to license the technology for commercial applications in multiple markets and seeks partners to help capture this value.

The technologies have wide ranging applications in biological testing, sample preparation and filtration in water, beverage and food processing, cell culture, biotech and pharmaceutical processing and field environmental and industrial processing testing. Companies in diagnostic instrumentation, and assays or assay-development, specialty filtration companies and scientific supply companies, can realize a variety of economic and competitive advantages by utilizing one, or more, of the three technology platforms:

Microbial Analyzer - a user-friendly portable instrument capable of automated rapid detection of microbes in water and fluid matrices. The system is capable of E. coli and coliform detection, as well as other organisms, in as little as 10 minutes with high bacterial-count samples; and 8-hr "same-shift" detection for cell concentrations as low as 1 cfu. The system has also been demonstrated on MRSA with results in as little as 30 min. The device is inexpensive to manufacture, lightweight and ideal for field applications. It continuously analyzes test samples and can automatically report results making it especially efficient at minimizing test-turnaround time, increasing testing productivity and reducing need of skilled technicians.

Membrane Filtration Assay Cartridge (MFAC) – an easy-to-use and fully enclosed membrane filter cartridge that is used in concert with a novel aspiration system that simplifies sample collection, protects samples from contamination and solves the problem of cartridge "air locking" that previously prevented filtration-processing of many samples. It provides for more efficient harvesting and pooling of clarified filtrates, collecting filterable fluid constituents, conducting sample-prep treatments inside the cartridge and analysis of samples within a single self-contained consumable.

Liquid Sample Vessel and Assay – a fully portable system that enables all the steps needed to prepare and analyze water samples in the field with no additional equipment required. With minimal training, field technicians can successfully conduct E. coli / total coliform analysis inexpensively outside the laboratory obtaining quantitative results in as little as 12 hours.

Photonic BioSystems, Inc. specializes in the research and development of liquid handling techniques, opto-electronic instruments and bioassay test systems. With 25+ years of award-winning research and over $10M received in SBIR grant funding, the company has positioned itself well for a variety of out-licensing initiatives. Their most recently completed license program resulted in the successful out-licensing of certain sensor technologies to a global leader in medical technology, services and solutions. Following on this success, Photonic BioSystems is now directing its efforts and resources to finding the right licensing partner for its microbial sensing and liquid handling technologies.



Date Published: 13th November 2017

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