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2nd November 2015  Content supplied by: SMi

Case Studies in Pharmaceutical Microbiology from PHSS and AstraZeneca

SMi have announced that James Drinkwater, Chairman of PHSS Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Science Society, PHSS and Tim Eaton, Sterile Manufacturing Specialist, AstraZeneca will be presenting at the SMi 5th Annual Pharmaceutical Microbiology conference.

In his presentation entitled Risked-based contamination control and environmental monitoring in sterile product manufacturing, James Drinkwater will focus on control strategies for sterile product manufacturing; expected new requirement for EU GMP Annex 1. He will also be discussing the best practice in contamination control for aseptic processing of different product types and risk based environmental monitoring of manufacturing environments.

Furthermore, Tim Eaton will be speaking on: “Assessment methods for accurate determination of microbial contamination during clean room manufacture”. He will have a closer look at microbial contamination in the cleanroom as well as quantification of risk by airborne deposition and quantification of risk by surface contact and liquids.

SMi Group presents their 5th annual Pharmaceutical Microbiology Conference, taking place in London, UK, on 19th – 20th January 2016. Through a series of interactive presentations and case studies, event attendees will be able to gain an in-depth insight into endotoxin testing, validation and LER, understand the threats posed by VBNCs and how to detect them, as well as hear specialist advice on contamination control and risk management to minimise costs and maximise efficiency.

This year’s event is sponsored by: Hyglos, Lonza, Merck Millipore, Idexx Laboratories and Mettler Toledo.

For further event information please visit:

Key topics include:

  • Threats posed by VBNCs and how to detect them
  • New tools and techniques that allow for the analysis of contamination through rapid techniques
  • An international perspective with case studies from across the UK, EU, and USA

Chairs for 2016:

  • Oliver Chancel, Sterility and Aseptic Process Assurance Expert, Merial Sas
  • Francesco Boschi, Microbiological Services Manager, GSK Manufacturing S.p.A
  • Salome Giao, Research Scientist, Dyson Technology Ltd

Key Speakers for 2016:

  • Thierry Bonnevay, Microbiology Platform Head QC Development, Sanofi Pasteur
  • Adrianne Klinj, Group Leader Microbiological and Molecular Analytics, Nestle Research Center
  • Sabina Lancaster, Senior Manager, Sterility Assurance, Global, QA, GSK
  • James Drinkwater, Chairman, PHSS
  • Tim Eaton, Sterile Manufacturing Specialist, AstraZeneca

Plus two must-attend pre-conference workshops entitled: Spectrometric and Optical Technologies for Microbial Contamination Control, led by Andrew Bartko, Research Leader, Battelle. And Endotoxin Testing: Hot Topics and New Methods in the European Pharmacopoeia, led by Karolina Heed, Director, Marketing and Sales, Hyglos GmbH.

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Date Published: 2nd November 2015

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