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26th August 2015  Content supplied by: Lab M Ltd

Launch of Captivate™ O91 Strengthens Lab M's IMS Range for STEC

Lab M has launched Captivate™ O91, the newest addition to the company´s Captivate™ range of immunomagnetic separation (IMS) products for the isolation of Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli (STEC) strains associated with life threatening foodborne infection.

Captivate™ O91 comprises magnetic particles coated with specific antibody designed for the isolation of Escherichia coli O91 from food samples. The highly selective Captivate™ O91 separates E. coli O91 from background flora in a sample, ensuring that only organisms having O91 antigens are captured.

IMS is a well recognised technique used to help separate the target organism from background flora and complex matrices. IMS increases the sensitivity of the methodology and, in most circumstances, results are achieved 24 hours earlier than using standard protocols. Offered as part of a standard range and as bespoke products, Captivate™ bacterial IMS kits can also serve as a capture tools for rapid detection systems.

“Testing for some STEC serotypes is now mandatory, as it remains is one of the most dangerous foodborne pathogens, with life threatening clinical manifestations and a very low infective dose,” said Melanie Patterson, Head of Business Development at Lab M.

“Although E. coli O91 isn’t included in the US ‘big 6’ or the European ‘top 4’, it has been published that this serogroup is one of the most common human pathogenic eae-negative STEC strains, and is seen as a threat in some European countries.

“We are committed to supporting the global food industry in its efforts to improve food safety by providing a suite of reliable, high quality microbiological culture media, supplements and tests for the isolation of STEC strains associated with foodborne infection in order to reduce its incidence.”

For full details of Lab M’s Captivate™ range please visit www.labm.com/captivate

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Date Published: 26th August 2015

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