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6th October 2015  Content supplied by: Döhler

Brewers QCheck™ Kit – Simple, Complete and Reliable QC in Breweries

The Brewers QCheck ™ Kit allows the microbiological control on all samples in the brewing process – simply, quickly and reliably. Raw materials used for the brewing process, such as water and yeast, can be analysed for microbiological contamination before fermentation. Beer spoiling bacteria can be detected in the end product, the beer, and the hygiene of the surrounding area, for example in production, filling or even a dispensing unit can be checked.

All microbiological findings are easily and reliably visible through a colour change, even without any previous knowledge. The illustrated, easy-to-understand manual helps you to get started.

The Brewers QCheck ™ Kit thus allows the entire beer brewing process to be microbiologically controlled, providing the perfect introduction to microbiological quality control.

The Brewers QCheck™ Kit provides

  • Ready-to-use straight away – easy-to-use culture media with no preparation
  • Broad sample spectrum –  detection from water, yeast, beer and hygiene monitoring form production and dispensing units
  • Everything you need – complete kit including illustrated manual
  • Simple analysis – clear and easy-to-interpret colour change
  • Reliable findings – optimized composition and extensive tested

Interested in more detailed information about  the Brewers QCheck™ Kit? Please visit and discover the innovative products.



Date Published: 6th October 2015

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