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31st December 2018  Content supplied by: Hygiena

BIOTECON to Distribute Oculyze BB 2.0 Yeast Analysis Technology Globally

Oculyze, the world’s premier platform for mobile image analysis and BIOTECON Diagnostics, a renowned food and beverage quality testing provider have announced the signing of a strategic partnership. The agreement signed at the corporate offices of BIOTECON Diagnostics in Potsdam, appoints the Company as the exclusive global distributor of Oculyze’s latest technological innovation the Oculyze Better Brewing (BB) 2.0.

The Oculyze BB 2.0, a quality German made hardware/software combination, enables breweries to determine viability and concentration of their yeast in less than a minute. It is compact, weighing under 200 g and can easily fit within the palm of a brewer's hand. The technology comes equipped with a high quality optical scope that is comparable to a high end laboratory microscope and is compatible with most android mobile phones and tablets.

Signing the agreement, Kilian Moser, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Oculyze said: “I am delighted to announce this strategic partnership with BIOTECON Diagnostics as we look to rapidly build and consolidate the Oculyze BB 2.0 market share and brand value across the world. As a relatively young and innovative biotech firm, we believe in focusing on our core strengths to continuously create and roll out key technological solutions that are smart, easy to use and cost efficient. By entrusting BIOTECON Diagnostics to manage the global distribution of our flagship product, we are confident of capitalizing on their strengths towards offering the Oculyze BB 2.0 to an even wider audience. BIOTECON Diagnostics brings a wealth of experience within the area of sales and distribution by cooperating with leading international manufacturers, and we look forward to the beginning of a mutually beneficial and successful partnership.”

Speaking on behalf of BIOTECON Diagnostics, Alois Schneiderbauer, Chief Business Officer of BIOTECON Diagnostics said: “BIOTECON Diagnostics is proud of the long-standing relationships that have been built up over the years with various partners, also in the brewing sector, and we continue to focus on expanding our product portfolio. We are, therefore, pleased to have the confidence to add the Oculyze BB 2.0 to our global portfolio as we also believe in the technology and advantage of the product and have many common interests with Oculyze. We look forward to further developing this relationship and contributing to the establishment and market presence of the Oculyze BB 2.0."

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Date Published: 31st December 2018

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