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14th May 2024  Content supplied by: Cherwell Laboratories Ltd

BAMS Elevates Contamination Detection in Cell & Gene Therapy with Real Time Alerts

The BioAerosol Monitoring System (BAMS) is a game-changer for players in cell and gene therapy. This biofluorescent particle counter offers advanced capabilities in a unit the size of an espresso machine. BAMS stands out with its continuous and real-time monitoring of contaminating particles, providing a crucial component in environmental monitoring regimes. In the realm of cell and gene therapy, where precision and purity are paramount, BAMS offers unparalleled benefits:

  • Continuous Monitoring: BAMS operates continuously, offering uninterrupted surveillance of the cleanroom environments that are crucial for the delicate processes of cell and gene therapy production.
  • Instantaneous Alerts: with BAMS, contamination alerts are delivered in real time, empowering swift responses to maintain the highest standards of quality and safety. This mitigates the risk of compromised product integrity, thereby protecting valuable cell and gene therapy products.
  • Root Cause Analysis: with output of data in Excel and PDF formats, BAMS also allows analysis of its result trends, enabling users to identify and address underlying causes of repeated contamination events.

The integration of BAMS into cell and gene therapy facilities represents a significant step forward in contamination control strategies. Its ability to provide continuous monitoring, instantaneous alerts, and users’ ability to perform in-depth analysis, ensure enhanced operational efficiency. In the dynamic cell and gene therapy landscape, where precision, efficiency and purity are imperative, BAMS is an indispensable tool. If you are based in the UK or Ireland, contact Cherwell to integrate BAMS into your cell and gene therapy facility and take your contamination monitoring practices to new heights.

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Date Published: 14th May 2024

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