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21st August 2023  Content supplied by: Oculyze

Automated Colony Counting For Ready-To-Use Culture Media

After recently announcing the launch of its newest product, the Oculyze Automated Colony
Counter for pre-poured agar plates
, the German software company Oculyze GmbH is making known its first major collaboration for this application.

Oculyze has now entered into a cooperation with the nutrient media manufacturer Dr. Möller & Schmelz GmbH to make the evaluation of microbiological analyses easier and faster for end users in the laboratory. Apart from a conventional smartphone, tablet, or PC with a connected camera, no further equipment is required for the analysis.

A selection of nutrient media types produced by Dr. Möller & Schmelz now come with QR codes including a description for carrying out the analysis. No special equipment is required and the process couldn’t be simpler:

  • Step 1: Scan the QR code supplied with the medium;
  • Step 2: The web app (no installation required) is loaded with image recognition tailored to the type of culture being analyzed;
  • Step 3: Take a picture with your smartphone, tablet, or desktop PC with an attached camera, and the results are shown in less than a second.

Dr. Möller & Schmelz offers this additional benefit to its customers at no extra cost. In the product packaging of the selected nutrient media types, the associated QR codes including a description of how to perform the analysis are supplied.

Counting Colonies: Manual vs Automated
Counting colonies by hand can be a tedious and error-prone process. Oculyze Automated
Colony Counter accurately and quickly counts the colonies by just uploading the image of a
Petri dish. The image analysis is already tailored to the specific type of plate to be analyzed and
does not require any settings to be made by the user.

The results of the colony counting are 100% reproducible, with no inter-operator variance and
the user can easily visually check the accuracy of the automated counting.

Optionally, for QC managers and supervisors, the tool offers global remote access to all analysis
details (restricted to authorized personnel), automated documentation (including custom reports
and analyses), LIMS integration to centralize all data and keep all systems in sync, and
automated meta-analysis possible to flag data for review, trend recognition, etc.

Visit to test the Oculyze Automated Colony Counter, completely free of charge and with no commitment to purchase or connect directly with the supplier by using the Request Information button below.

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Date Published: 21st August 2023

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