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25th March 2014  Content supplied by: Invisible Sentinel

AOAC Approval for Veriflow® Salmonella Species Assay

Invisible Sentinel Inc.'s Veriflow® Salmonella species assay (Veriflow® SS) has been approved to detect bacterial contamination by Salmonella in multiple food types, including ready-to-eat foods, deli meat, and dairy products, and on various surfaces with which food is in contact during preparation and packaging.

With the certification of Veriflow® SS, Invisible Sentinel has now achieved AOAC approvals for multiple assays designed to protect against illness due to contaminated food. The Veriflow® Listeria species assay (Veriflow® LS) was approved earlier this year, and the Veriflow® Campylobacter assay (Veriflow® CA) and Veriflow® Listeria monocytogenes assay (Veriflow® LM) received approvals last year.

Nick Siciliano, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Invisible Sentinel, commented: "Achieving additional AOAC certifications for the growing number of assays in our Veriflow® product line remains a primary initiative as we focus on commercial growth and strive to reach a broader client base. We're excited to have built a comprehensive suite of novel and exceptional AOAC-approved pathogen diagnostics for the food and beverage industries. We are also actively expanding our Veriflow® product portfolio across additional industries through our custom-solution program."

Ben Pascal, Chief Business Officer and co-founder of Invisible Sentinel, added: "As we expand our roll-out of varied assays, we are hearing from the commercial market what we heard during field-testing: Veriflow® technology offers a unique combination of accuracy, ease of use, and speed to results."

Invisible Sentinel anticipates AOAC approval of a fifth assay in the Veriflow® product line, the Veriflow® STEC assay (Veriflow® STEC), later this year.

Veriflow® SS and other Veriflow® assays are available directly from Invisible Sentinel. For ordering information or quotations, please email orders@invisiblesentinel.com or call the Invisible Sentinel customer-service team at 215-966-6118

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Date Published: 25th March 2014

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