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Ambient Temperature Specimen Transport System

ViveBio, LLC has signed a distribution agreement with Laboratory Procurement Services, LLC (LPS) of Knoxville, Tennessee to distribute the ViveST line of products in the United States. ViveST is the first of a new class of ambient temperature dried biological specimen transport systems.  The technology enables easy, reliable and cost effective transport of specimens without the need for traditional cold chain logistics.

Suitable for carrying whole blood, plasma, nucleic acid (DNA & RNA) viral/bacterial cultures and urine, the ViveST® system can revolutionize the way sample transport and logistics systems are managed.  There are immediate cost savings as a result of the reduction in the use of dry ice and the associated shipping materials and licensing that is required.  In addition, without the requirement of dry ice shipments, health care can be extended to resource limited settings.

ViveST is CE marked for sale in Europe and ANVISA registered in Brazil.

Tags: Sample Storage

Date Published: September 3, 2014

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