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23rd March 2015  Content supplied by: ALS Food and Pharmaceutical

Almond Allergen Testing at ALS

ALS Food and Pharmaceutical has extended its range of allergen testing at Chatteris with the addition of quantitative determination of almond in food and swab samples. The method uses automated ELISA technology with all testing carried out in our purpose built allergen-testing laboratory at Chatteris in Cambridgeshire, UK.

Although this test is currently unaccredited, it is planned to include it in the next extension to scope that is put forward to UKAS. The limit of detection is 0.5mg/kg for food and swabs.

ALS is now able to provide analysis for the following key allergens: 

  • Accredited tests

- Gluten (Gliadin) - Milk (Casein) - Peanut - Mustard - Soya - Egg White Protein


  • Non-accredited tests

- Milk (Beta Lacto-globulin) - Almond - Gluten (Gliadin) SWABS

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Date Published: 23rd March 2015

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