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14th June 2024  Content supplied by: PCR Biosystems

Air-dried Assay Development: A Simple, Fast and Cost-effective Option to Dry Molecular Assays In-house

Assay developers are increasingly moving towards dried formats to alleviate the costly cold-chain shipping and storage demands of traditional 'wet' qPCR-based diagnostic tests. Air-drying has emerged as a simple, fast and cost-effective option for drying down molecular assays.

With the new air-dryable qPCR and RT-qPCR reagents from PCR Biosystems, drying can be carried out in just 80-90 minutes with a simple laboratory oven and without extensive training. As a result, organisations can now create high-performance dried assays in-house, with full control over the drying process and quality control steps, and without significant infrastructure or outsourcing costs.

Our latest product bulletin outlines the key features and benefits of air-drying together with the performance of Air-Dryable Probe 1-Step Mix in both singleplex and multiplex assays, before and after drying.

Follow the link and download your copy today.

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Date Published: 14th June 2024

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