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12th January 2016  Content supplied by: Prior Scientific Instruments Ltd.

Accurate Measurement of Microscope Illumination

The LumaSpec LS800S from Prior Scientific is a compact visible light spectrophotometer which provides quantitative spectral power data enabling users to characterise and monitor the illumination source of their microscope system.

Operating from 350 nm to 800 nm with 1.5 nm resolution, the LumaSpec LS800S uses an illumination target slide mounted on your microscope to provide accurate and precise information about the illumination in the sample plane, leading to the most relevant information being obtained.

The LumaSpec LS800S is capable of analysing the output from a wide variety of light sources, ranging from the dimmest LED to a powerful mercury burner light. The LumaSpec LS800S is simple to use, USB connection to a computer facilitates easy viewing and analysis of spectral data. Each spectrum can be sub-divided into 10 ranges to enable calculation of spectral power for these user-defined defined regions. This feature will especially benefit fluorescence microscopists who wish to check the spectral power provided by their illumination source in certain spectral regions.

By using the LumaSpec LS800S the performance of illumination systems can be characterised with and without the presence of filter sets. The consistency of the illumination can be monitored over time and the user can overlay multiple saved spectra (up to four) over the live graph to quickly compare the illumination system.

In transmission mode, the LumaSpec LS800S is able to quickly establish the 100% light output for each illumination source and then determine the wavelength and the percent transmission for each filter placed into the light path. This feature is extremely useful in determining the overall efficiency and remaining lifetime of optical filter sets.

For further information please visit or contact Prior Scientific on / +44-1223-881711.

For additional information on Prior’s extensive range of equipment for microscopy illumination, including metal halide bulbs, LED illumination devices, filter wheels and shutters please visit

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Date Published: 12th January 2016

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