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19th July 2022  Content supplied by: Hygiena

A Single Cloud-based SaaS Solution to Integrate Your Food Safety Testing Data

The food industry relies on accurate data when it comes to supporting a robust environmental monitoring (EM) program to ensure food safety. However, this data comes from disparate sources and must be compiled and analyzed to make informed decisions regarding environmental and product testing. With advances in technology and the addition of new regulatory requirements, it is even more vital to have all EM and food testing data compiled in a single, easily accessible location. The best solution today is to digitize all this information for internal user access, regardless of location. Today, data can become siloed as each department collects and stores relevant data for their group. However, sharing this data across the organization would provide a new opportunity to understand the trends and identify which areas of the business need improvement with respect to overall food safety and product quality.

Fortunately, integrating testing data into a single intelligent platform has become much easier in the past few years. One such solution, SureTrend™ Cloud, offers an intuitive platform for users to collate environmental and product data in one location, with the ability to analyze and visualize results. This, in turn, allows the team to develop processes based on actionable insights obtained.

Designed originally for capturing hygiene monitoring data, SureTrend started as a cloud-based solution for Hygiena® EnSURE™ Touch users, storing ATP values as RLUs (relative light units) for reporting and identification of trouble spots. However, SureTrend Cloud does much more than that, as it is designed for tracking and trending data, data analysis, and reporting. It also can store data from multiple devices, allowing facilities with multiple locations to analyze all plant sites from a single software database. This enables data access from any location globally with the added assurance of world-class data security. It also allows for remote configuration of each luminometer device and access to preprogrammed reports within the software.

More recently, SureTrend Cloud has evolved, offering additional capabilities. These include:

  1. Agnostic data upload – Data from external sources can be loaded into the platform software.
  2. Multisite data aggregation – Data from all test sites or products can be visualized in a single view.
  3. Improved Environmental Maps – Track data from multiple tests on your facility maps with corresponding data visualizations.
  4. Analytics and Report Customization – Develop custom reports to improve data analysis visualization and outcomes.
  5. Advanced Data Visualizations – Easily identify trends and create actionable insights from complex data.

By offering SureTrend Cloud as a SaaS solution, Hygiena provides superior support to our customers by providing a comprehensive solution for data storage, reporting and analysis for appropriate action. Collectively, this solution significantly enhances environmental hygiene monitoring, pathogen detection, food authenticity diagnostics and data analytics. Through our industry-leading brands, including EnSURE® Touch, UltraSnap®, MicroSnap®, BAX®, foodproof®, Innovate and BioChek, we significantly enhance the hygiene, quality and safety landscape, with unmatched tools, in industries such as food and beverage processing and manufacturing, veterinary diagnostics, hospitality, and more.

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Date Published: 19th July 2022

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