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Microbiology News: water, Apr 2024

BIPEA - Proficiency Testing Experts Since the 1990s

30 Apr 2024 | Food & BeverageWaterClinicalPharmaceutical

Proficency Testing from BIPEA a Non-profit Organization
BIPEA primarily focuses on interlaboratory comparisons and technical assistance for laboratories. It has expanded its offerings to include agri-food, contaminant, environment, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. Its focus has grown internationally, increasing participation in its proficiency testing programs more...
PFAS Analysis EU and US Regulations
Measurlabs simplifies the complex landscape of PFAS testing. Their broad network of accredited partner laboratories ensures access to both targeted LC-MS/MS analyses for individual PFAS compounds and comprehensive TOF testing for evaluating the overall PFAS content of almost any sample material. more...
Water droplet
Navigating Microbial Challenges in Water Systems: Understand the complexities of microbial identification within pharmaceutical water systems. This article emphasizes the necessity of ongoing qualifications and the strategies for controlling microbial limits to maintain system integrity more...

A New Challenger Enters the Rapid Total Viable Count Field

29 Apr 2024 | Food & BeverageWaterLaboratory Equipment

MICA Highlight TVC for total counts in water matrices
MICA Highlight TVC is in its final development stages and will be commercialized later this year. Before that, Diamidex is offering laboratories the opportunity to beta-test the solution. Labs will have access to the entire solution and will benefit from a preferential price at launch. Sign up here. more...