Microbiology News : water, Jun 2020

Swabs for Diagnostics
Sigma Transwab® & Transwab® - best for bacteriology, Transwab® - the best gel swab, Sigma Transwab® - best for automated platforms, Fecal Transwab® - best for enterics, Sigma Virocult® - best for viruses, Sigma VCM - best universal /multi-purpose. more...
Pace labs sars wastewater
Monitoring water samples collected from wastewater treatment facilities for coronavirus RNA, can provide data on the prevalance of COVID-19 within a community, track the spread of the virus and alert communities to a rise in RNA levels before clinical diagnosis. more...
Legionella Testing Kit
Hydrosense’s ultra-fast Legionella pneumophila SG1 test spots serious problems, fast. It creates immediate calls to action, quicker remedial solutions and mitigates the risk of potentially devastating Legionella outbreaks and public health impacts. more...

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