Celsis rapid microbial detection methods from Charles River

Microbiology News: other, Oct 2021

European Launch of ReCO2ver™ Announced

27 Oct 2021 | ClinicalOtherPharmaceuticalMicrobiome

Baker ReCO2ver
The Baker Company announces the European launch of ReCO2ver™, the innovative Carbon Dioxide Cell Culture Incubator, designed to improve laboratory productivity as well as enhance the integrity of scientific research. more...

Win an ASSIST PLUS Pipetting Robot from INTEGRA

12 Oct 2021 | OtherPharmaceutical

Win an Integra Assist Plus
Don't miss this opportunity to win an INTEGRA ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot. The ASSIST PLUS automates multichannel pipettes and is ideal for a variety of different applications, from PCR to immunoassays more...