Microbiology News : other, Jul 2019

integra multi channel pipette
Researchers at the University of North Texas are using INTEGRA’s VIAFLO 96 electronic pipette to increase the throughput of their ELISA, Luminex and flow cytometry workflows, as well as to improve the reproducibility of their results.  more...
easy way to prepare microbiology serial dilutions
The new Serial Diluter UA with an integrated, highly efficient bag mixer is universally suitable for preparing serial dilutions of all sample types including viscous, high-fat or sugar-containing samples such as cream, egg yolk, syrup, etc. for microbiological analysis. more...
Pall® GeneDisc® technology provides a maximum flexibility for testing strategies to rapidly assess contamination level of working environments, raw material, in-process samples and final products with AOAC and NF validation certified methods.  more...

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