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Microbiology News: microbiome, May 2023

Charles River Redefines Smart Automation with the Endosafe® Nexus 200™

26 May 2023 | Laboratory EquipmentPharmaceuticalMicrobiome

Charles River Endosafe Nexus
The Endosafe® Nexus 200™ is the next generation of walkaway automated robotic technology for bacterial endotoxin testing. Capable of testing up to 120 samples per automated run, this fully enclosed system is data-integrity compliant while performing serial dilutions via LAL cartridge technology. more...
Bac-in-a-Box protects bacteria from stomach acid
Dr Bellone, San Raffaele Hospital, showed P. melaninogenica prevents multiple myeloma progression in animal models. Austrianova's Bac-in-a-Box® will be used to protect the bacteria from stomach acid. more...