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Microbiology News: assay-development, Nov 2023

Discover How Microbiologics' Global Genomics Center Can Meet Your Sequencing Needs

22 Nov 2023 | Food & BeverageClinicalPharmaceuticalAssay Development

Global Genomics Center
Microbiologics' state-of-the-art Global Genomics Center provides various sequencing services for bacterial and fungal identification. Proven expertise combined with the latest technologies deliver comprehensive solutions from samples to nucleotides for both Sanger and NGS methodologies. more...
BactoView Viability Green Red stain kit
BactoView™ Dead stains are also included in two new BactoView™ Viability Kits, enabling convenient two-color staining of both live and dead bacteria for clear viability assessment of all cells in a sample. more...

Cost Effective Customizable ELISA Assay Kits

17 Nov 2023 | Assay Development

Customizable ELISA assay kits
With over 500 ELISA kits to choose from, AMSBIO's new range covers a wide variety of biological processes, targets, and sample types. Reagents such as matched antibody pairs and a micro-ELISA pre-plate have been carefully screened and validated to save you time and money. more...

Medix Biochemica Acquires ViroStat

12 Nov 2023 | Assay Development

Medix Biochemica has acquired the US-based ViroStat LLC, a global leader in infectious disease antibodies and antigens used by in-vitro diagnostics manufacturers, further expanding its presence in the US. more...
Respiratory Syncytial Virus Antigens and Antibodies
Sino Biological has developed a comprehensive collection of RSV-related reagents for viral research that cover RSV A and B from over 5 strains, which can support therapeutic antibody, vaccine, and immunodiagnostic assay development.   more...