Puritan Enviromax and ESK for Surface Sampling

Salmonella in Chocolate

Global Leaders Using biomérieux Solutions See 0% Recalls Over Last 3 Years

Rapid, Robust & Automated Solutions for Salmonella Detection in <24h!

GENE-UP®: Complete Validations for Salmonella Detection in Cocoa and Chocolate Products:

- Validated to AOAC RI and ISO16140 standards, for BPW or skimmed milk broth enrichment, using various sample sizes (up to 375g)

Large Sample Preparation Becomes Simple with Automation!

- Blue Line® XL range offering to ease & standardize your sample & media preparation (suitable for large sample size: 375g)

Save Up to 3 days for Decision Making on Yeasts & Molds

- Automated solution for quality indicators enumeration TEMPO® ensures consistent quality control under any circumstance

See bioMérieux's Food Safety Solutions for Chocolate

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