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How Crucial is Culture Media Selection in Environmental Monitoring? A Roundtable Discussion 

: 7 Jun 2023

Sector : Pharmaceutical

Type : Webinar

Culture media selection is crucial because quality and performance are a key element to your quality control strategy, especially for environmental monitoring in cleanrooms and isolators in aseptic manufacturing. If you have challenges in your EM practices and are interested in how manufacturer requirements and design specifications of culture media could impact your current practices, you are invited to join our interactive webinar.

In a virtual round table, expert users of ICR (For Isolators Clean Rooms) Culture Media will discuss relevant topics such as:

What regulatory guidelines are helpful?

  • Importance of media packaging, storage conditions, and shelf life
  • How to limit false positives/negatives (Growth promotion testing, desiccation impact on air sampling, disinfectants for neutralization)
  • Partnering with the right media supplier

Following the roundtable, we will conclude with a short Q&A session to answer your environmental monitoring and culture media questions answered.

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BRCGS Issue 9 Update...
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