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Security Labels Ensure Sample/Specimen Integrity

Computer Imprintable Label Systems (CILS), the leading manufacturer of high performance label identification systems, has launched a new range of security labels.

These new labels for the medical and laboratory industry are manufactured to ensure sample/specimen integrity from collection through to analysis stage. The new CILS range is ideal for forensic kits, specimen transportation in dry ice and collection receptacles etc.

Label reliability and durability are key issues that CILS bring to the market offering secure contents, intact. These labels withstand temperatures ranging from -196°C to +155ºC, transport and handling conditions.

CILS security labels can be supplied pre-printed to your exact specification onto white, coloured and clear materials. Variable data can be printed using a bureau service or in-house via your existing printer.

NOTE: This item is from our 'historic' database and may contain information which is not up to date.

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Posted on March 31, 2006