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Carcass Sampling Sponges Comply with EU reg. 2073/2005.

Technical Service Consultants Ltd launched a range of sampling sponges for the bacteriological sampling of red meat carcasses over 18 months ago. The product complies fully with EU commission regulations no. 2073/2005. The Carcass Sampling Sponge has proved to be hugely successful both in the UK and throughout Europe and has been designed with the help and contribution of our customers and end users.

Carcass Sampling Sponges are ready-to-use products for the environmental sampling of red meat carcasses. The products have been designed according to Food Standard regulations and comply with EC recommendations on microbiological criteria for foodstuffs. The sponges can be used for the recovery of total viable count (TVC), Enterobacteriaceae and Salmonella from the surface of beef, pork, lamb and other red carcasses.

The sponge comes in sterile kit form, ready-to-use with no additional preparation required and has been custom made to customer requirements with the added benefit of alternative media being available on request.

The Carcass Sampling Sponge consists of a 50cm Blue cellulose sponge dosed with 10ml of 0.9% unbuffered saline (sodium chloride), MRD or Buffered Peptone Water. The sponge is sealed within a sterile bag with or without a mini grip bag. The product is also supplied in a blue sterile 120ml plastic pot.

Features and Benefits
  • Premoistened sponge for easy, convenient and improved sampling

  • Ready-to-use no preparation

  • Sterilised by gamma irradiation

  • Individually packed kits

  • Can be stored up to room temperature

  • Certificate of Conformity on request

  • Option of any diluent according to customers requirements

For more information on Sponge Sampling of Red Meat Carcasses, visit the UK Food Standards Agency website

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Posted on February 24, 2009