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SMART DILUTOR Reduces Time and Cost in Gravimetric Dilutions

Gravimetric Dilutor
IUL SA presents Smart Dilutor, a gravimetric device used to perform dilutions based on the control of the weight.

In a few seconds it is able to make a precise dilution in a sterile polyethylene bag, saving an enormous amount of labour. As additional capability it can dispense accurate liquid weights.
Nowadays, laboratories are moving into utilizing large ready to use dilution bags as opposed to preparing their own buffers or using expensive dilution bottles. The Smart Dilutor can be used for diluting samples from ready to use bags. The unit replaces the tedious process of manually weighing samples and diluting them.

It has been specifically designed for the dilution of solid, semi-solid, or paste types of microbiological samples directly into sterile homogenizer bags. Since these types of samples require a gravimetric type of dilution process, the Smart Dilutor has an integrated balance at the heart of the system. The operator simply places an unknown amount of sample in a sterile bag and the unit takes an initial weight of the sample. Then, the operator moves the lever and the microprocessor dispenses an amount of diluent by weight, to achieve the programmed dilution ratio. The system constantly monitors the weight in the sample bag to achieve a highly accurate dilution result.

Additionally, the Smart Dilutor can be expanded to control up to 6 pumps and link two of them at the same time to reduce operation time.

Key Features and Benefits:
  • Economic and convenient.

  • Multiple pump models are available: One, two, five or six pumps can be connected at any given time

  • Flexibility in the sample weight.

  • Extremely rapid dilutions and dispensing.

  • Easy operation by a friendly touch screen.

  • Increases lab productivity.

  • Works with ready to use buffer bags, or bottled buffers.

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Posted on November 24, 2010