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New AES Sampl'Air for Accuracy and Traceability in Microbial Air Sampling


A new air sampler, theSampl'Air launched by AES CHEMUNEX enables microbial monitoring of air through impacting microorganisms onto a standard Petri dish. High reliability of air sampling is guaranteed by an impacting speed monitoring system.

Light and Comfortable
This air sampling equipment is light and robust, samplers are made of ABS (less than 1,8 kg) and are very ergonomic. The rechargeable battery holds for 25 cycles of 10 min (4 hrs). The sampling grid is made of stainless steel which can be steam sterilised.

Total Traceability
The Sampl'Air offers traceability functions such as sampling location, date, culture media, operator etc. The Sampl'Air Data Manager software (21CFR part 11) allows the user to easily program and process the sampling data. An optional printer and a bar code reader are also available. (A Sampl’air version is available with the same features except the traceability functions.)

Specific Culture Media
AES CHEMUNEX offers a complete range of specific, ready to use culture media to optimise the performance of this novel air sampler.

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Source : AES CHEMUNEX [France]
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Posted on May 26, 2005