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Experience the 5th Dilumat® S - New Gravimetric Diluter for Food Microbiology

Dilumat Gravimetric Diluter
As a result of 30 years of experience and feedback from hundreds of users, Dilumat® S uses state of the art technologies to ensure maximal standardisation and productivity at the sample preparation step.

Dilumat® S secures and standardizes the sample dilution and lets the laboratory save time and money by fully automating the first step of the microbiological analysis.

Accurate, stable and fast, Dilumat® S provides enhanced performance to routine microbiology laboratories in total compliance with the highest Quality Assurance criteria.
New improvements include:
  • Automated rotating arm for maximum convenience of use within a laminar flow bench.

  • Intuitive display and keyboard provide clear understanding and ease-of-use for every
    lab technician whatever language they speak

  • Fully open access to the bag to avoid contact between Dilumat® S and sample, greatly reduces risk of contamination
Dilumat® S can be easily connected to Dilubag® broth pouches (3 or 5 litres) or to any Masterclave® Media-Preparator (9, 28 or 60 litres) to increase laboratory's productivity, secure dilution operations and drastically reduce the cost per sample (no exacting and time-consuming task of preparation and sterilisation in 225 ml glass bottles necessary).

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Source : AES Chemunex [France]
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Posted on December 1, 2008