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New AFNOR Validated Confirmation Method for Listeria monocytogenes

ALOA Confirmation

The new ISO mandatory Agar Listeria acc. Otaviani & agosti (ALOA®) from AES CHEMUNEX has been usable as an AFNOR validated method since 2000 (ALOA OneDay® 48 hour method including enrichment).

ALOA OneDay® users can now profit from the new AFNOR validated confirmation test called ALOA Confirmation®

The easy-to-use protocol consists of a single streak onto the ALOA Confirmation® agar from one typical colony. Up to 6 typical colonies can be confirmed on the same ALOA Confirmation® test and results are obtained within 24 hours.

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Source : AES Chemunex [France]
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Posted on April 19, 2006