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New Automated Culture Media Preparation

AES Media Preparators

Visit AES CHEMUNEX at Analytica, Booth B1.175/B1.177

25th to 28th April 2006

See the NEW 5th Generation of AES CHEMUNEX Media Preparators

Drawing from an experience of 25 years in the manufacturing of media preparation equipment, the new AES CHEMUNEX Media preparators represent probably the finest equipment available today. AES CHEMUNEX is the only equipment manufacturer that also produces ready-to-use culture media and uses its equipment for the production of plates and tubes.

The new Masterclave 09 lets you rapidly prepare 1 to 9 liters of highest quality culture media thanks to a new extra large magnetic stirrer and high precision core temperature control. The new metallic safety lid with magnetic sensor features a viewing polycarbonate window.

The new Masterclave 528 with a capacity of 5 to 28 liters is ideal for preparing large batches of agar plates or broths (1500 plates of the same batch). The new easy-opening and easy-closing lid and the graphic user interface make it very comfortable to use. Like all AES CHEMUNEX preparators, a particular attention has been taken to ensure a perfect homogenisation and core temperature monitoring, thus guarantying high quality culture media.A 60 liter capacity model for larger batches is available (Masterclave 60).

All media preparators can also be used as high tech autoclaves. A full line of automatic or semi-automatic dispensers for plates and tubes and Dilumat gravimetric diluters are also available.

New APS320 Dispenser for Petri dishes
Ergonomic design
Easy-to-clean without any tools
Built-in plate cooling device

The APS320 is a compact automated pourer/stacker designed to provide an efficient hands-free plate preparation. Easy to use, the APS320 ensures a high level of productivity, traceability and security at a moderate cost. All user interfaces and features will help to increase productivity and provide optimal working conditions.

The APS320 pourer stacker features a single carousel with a capacity of 320 Petri dishes (diameter 90-100 or 55-60 mm) and has a rapid pouring rate of 750 dishes per hour.

Easy operation and programming with alphanumerical LCD screen. Once a program has been initiated, the economically priced APS320 is a "walk-away" system, requiring no further intervention.

The APS320 can store up to 40 programs, an optional printer allows the generation of reports for QA validation. Other optional extras include a facility to print onto the dishes, sample shaker for pour plate application, bi- plate filling.

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Source : AES Chemunex [France]
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Posted on March 15, 2006