Beverage Manufacturers get Products to Market Faster and Ensure Safety

Celsis RapiScreen
Celsis Rapid Detection have announced the results of a study demonstrating that the Celsis system can help producers of coconut beverages save money by releasing products to market faster while, at the same time, verifying product safety for consumers.

Celsis' RapiScreen™ Beverage reagent kit can successfully detect microbial contamination in coconut water (juice) and coconut milk products despite the presence in some brands of non-microbial ATP and high pH values.
In a recent study where 14 coconut water (juice) and 3 coconut milk products were tested for microbial contamination, results showed that the Celsis assay was successful in eliminating non-microbial ATP, neutralizing product acidity and detecting microbial contamination within 1-2 days instead of the typical 5-7 days for a traditional microbial test.

Faster results mean that beverage manufacturers can safely release their products to market more quickly. This reduces waste, streamlines inventory and increases working capital-all outcomes which are important to today's lean manufacturing practices.

Celsis RapiScreen Beverage is used as a rapid microbial screen for raw ingredients, in-process batches and finished goods. The system has been validated for use on a wide variety of beverage products including broths and soups, sports drinks, ready-to-drink teas, yoghurt-based drinks, fruit juices, nutritional supplements, aloe and cactus juices, and now coconut products. Coconut water drinks are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. Naturally fat-free and low in food energy/calories, they are often marketed as sports drinks because of their high potassium and mineral content. Coconut water drinks are the second best-selling juice in Brazil after orange juice.

'With its proven ability to accurately screen for microbial contamination in 24-48 hours, the Celsis RapiScreen Beverage kit is ideally suited for companies who want to safely and more quickly release their products to market. The RapiScreen Beverage kit works successfully with high pH and pulpy juices as well as emerging products like cactus juice, acai and coconut water, demonstrating our commitment to support ongoing product innovation in the beverage industry. This is why more companies choose Celsis as their partner in rapid microbial methods', said Jay LeCoque, Chief Executive Officer of Celsis.

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Posted on February 3, 2010