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bioMerieux's TEMPO® Yeast/Mold Assay Gains AOAC-RI Approval

TEMPO automated yeast and mold testing
bioMerieux has recently been granted AOAC Research Institute approval for its TEMPO® YM, an automated quality indicator test for the fast enumeration of yeasts and molds in food products. Food professionals rely on AOAC third party validations to ensure that the analytical methods they use meet the highest standards of performance.

TEMPO YM provides results in 72 hours, compared to traditional methods, which take 5-7 days. The rapid results provided with TEMPO YM enables food manufacturers to release their products into the supply chain much earlier than when testing with traditional methods.
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Molds are agents which can be responsible for the contamination and spoilage of certain food products. Some molds develop mycotoxins which diffuse into food and may, if present in sufficient quantity, cause acute or chronic food poisoning. The presence of yeasts may produce changes affecting food quality and salability, leading to significant financial implications for food producers.

'Taking our products through the rigors of third party validation programs such as AOAC is an integral part of our development process and commitment to providing food industry professionals with high performing testing solutions,' said Alexandre Merieux, Corporate Vice President, Industrial Microbiology.

TEMPO YM has been validated by the AOAC Research Institute following the Bacteriological Analytical Manual (BAM) method for the enumeration of yeasts/molds in food products.

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Posted on June 30, 2010

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