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Sigma-Virocult® Swab Range Plays Vital Role in H1N1 Monitoring

Sigma-Swab range for swine flu
Medical Wire's new Sigma-Virocult® range has played a vital role throughout the recent and current Novel H1N1 influenza pandemic. As vaccines start to become available it remains vital to monitor which strains are still circulating in the population. And as winter takes hold in the northern hemisphere, all the other respiratory viruses will require surveillance.

Sigma-Virocult® offers the advantage of being compatible with the modern rapid diagnostic tests, while allowing the maintenance of viable virus for culture for complete characterisation, and the detection of novel strains for which rapid methods have not been developed.
Sigma-Virocult® comprises a vial of Virocult virus transport medium and a choice of 1, 2 or 3 Sigma-swabs®. Upon taking the specimen, the swab is easily snapped into the transport vial. Sigma-swabs® have a cellular foam bud that maintains microorganisms in a viable condition within their own microenvironment. The open celled structure allows complete flow through of test reagents for maximum sensitivity of test reagents. Sigma-Virocult® is available in a range of formats appropriate for most clinical situations.

Ensure you are prepared for the coming winter & seasonal holiday periods.
Sigma-Swab range for swine flu
Sigma-Swab features unique open cell structure for optimum absorbance and release

Product Code Description
MW950S Sigma-Virocult® with single standard S-swab®
MW950S2 Sigma-Virocult® with two standard S-swabs®
MW950ENT Sigma-Virocult® with single mini-tip S-swab® (for nasopharyngeal or urethral sampling)
MW950S/ENT Sigma-Virocult® with one standard S-swab® & one mini-tip S-swab®

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Posted on October 20, 2009