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Medical Wire Specimen Collection Devices
Medical Wire has used the occasion of the IBMS Biomedical Congress in Birmingham to launch its new Sigma range of liquid medium based swabs and specimen collection devices.

Based on the success of Sigma-swab, the swab with the open celled flow-through bud, the new devices are specially suited to the latest automated processing systems being introduced in many clinical microbiology laboratories.
Transwab® was the first commercially produced semi-solid swab transport device and for many years has provided clinicians with the most reliable means of transporting microbiological specimens from patient to laboratory. Now Sigma-Transwab® will do this in the new era of liquid automated processing. The device is M40 compliant, and includes a screw-capped vial of liquid Amies medium together with a choice of one or two standard Sigma-swabs, or a mini-tip Sigma-swab (for urethral and nasopharyngeal sampling). All swabs have breakpoints so the swabs fit easily into the transport vials. The screw cap is compatible with automated decapping devices. The standard single swab format also features a smart swab-capture mechanism, so that when the cap is screwed on, it 'finds' and attaches to the swab.

Already playing a key role in the surveillance of Novel H1N1 influenza, Sigma-Virocult® combines Virocult® virus transport medium with Sigma-swab. The medium has been shown to be equally suitable for cell culture and molecular testing methods, while the new Sigma-swab with open-celled flow through bud enhances the recovery and sensitivity of many of these methods. The screw-capped tube is compatible with most automated processing systems for rapid, high volume throughput.

Offers a completely new medium for the recovery of viruses, chlamydia, mycoplasmas and ureaplasmas, again combined with Sigma-swab for enhanced sensitivity.

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Posted on September 29, 2009