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PTFE connector sorts out aggressive chemicals

In line with all Bibby Sterilin products, the PTFE screwthread connector has been designed and manufactured to ensure maximum safety in the laboratory.

The chemically resistant connector shares the same safety features as its polypropylene counterpart, with many additional benefits. Both are multipurpose in application, but the PTFE model is particularly suitable for use with vacuum connections in contact with aggressive chemicals or solvent vapours.

Temperature resistant up to 200°C and incorporating Viton 'O' rings, it is used to fit 9mm bore rubber hose and flexible tubing to Pyrex and Quickfit products with a 13mm screwthread, such as Buchner flasks, dessicators and rotary evaporators.

To eliminate any hazards and ensure good laboratory practice, the PTFE connector is supplied with a screwthread holder to keep it firmly in position and allow easy insertion and removal from the tubing.

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Posted on June 5, 2002

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