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Techne Thermal Cycler Gets Personal

Techne, the life science equipment brand from Barloworld Scientific, has launched a new 'personal' thermal cycler.

The Techne TC-3000 has fast heating and cooling rates and very accurate temperature control, making it ideal for PCR applications. With a small footprint and easy to use intuitive programming, including a ‘quick’ dial facility, it is the ideal tool for research and teaching labs..

The heated lid temperature can be adjusted to really optimise the temperature regime in the tubes. Blocks are available for either 20 x 0.5ml tubes or 25 x 0.2ml tubes. Powerful and efficient Peltier technology assure very high heating and cooling rates within the tubes allowing PCR to happen quickly and accurately.

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Source : Barloworld Scientific (formerly Bibby Sterilin) View Company Information

Posted on November 21, 2006