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New Swabs Aid Sample Collection

Flocked Swabs

Would you like to improve sample collection?

Whether you are working in forensics, molecular genetics, the clinical sector or maybe even a diagnostic kit manufacturer - sample collection is all so important, especially if the sample to be collected is particularly small.

Innovative nylon fibre technology has been implemented on a range of collection devices to help maximise performance during patient sampling. The perpendicular nylon fibres act like a soft brush, allowing the improved collection and release of both cellular and liquid samples.

Fibre Swab
Fibre Swab Matrix and Trapped Sample
Flocked Swab
Flocked Swab and Collected
Sample Available for Release

With regular fibre wound swabs a large percentage of the sample collected remains entrapped in the fibre matrix of the tip. It has been shown that the flocked swab releases upto 95% of the sample collected compared to 25% in a standard fibre tipped swab - especially important if the sample size is particularly small.

To limit interference and improve consistency the swab is manufactured from completely inert components. This makes the flocked swabs ideal for PCR work - for scientists using PCR techniques therefore, the new flocked swabs are PCR compatible and certified RNAse and DNAse free.

For a free trial sample and further information contact Barloworld using the contact details at the top of this page.

Standard and Fibre Swabs

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Posted on November 8, 2006