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Stop Bench Top Equipment Being Contamination Source

The potential for cross contamination or infection from equipment in the workplace has never been greater. To help reduce this risk, Barloworld Scientific has launched BioCote® antimicrobial protection across it’s leading equipment brand Stuart®.

The complete Stuart® range of bench top laboratory equipment is now protected with BioCote®, a process applied during manufacturing that uses active agent silver to provide permanent effective antimicrobial protection. BioCote® will effectively protect Stuart® products against a wide range of bacteria and fungi for the useful life of the equipment.

Where manufacturing processes allow the BioCote® active ingredient is added to every possible external part of a piece of Stuart® equipment. Because the active silver ions are added during manufacture they are chemically bound within the material and won’t leach out or rub off. BioCote® antimicrobial protection is exclusively offered with the Stuart® range of bench top science equipment, at no extra cost. All Stuart® equipment will still be available at the same great value for money price as before.

Although the BioCote® process is invisible, every Stuart® product will display a “Protected by BioCote®” sticker to reassure you that it is feeling the benefit of antimicrobial protection.

Further details about BioCote® antimicrobial protection are available in the new Stuart catalogue or on the company website .

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Source : Barloworld Scientific (formerly Bibby Sterilin) View Company Information

Posted on June 16, 2006