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Bibby Sterilin active packaging

Bibby Sterilin's brand new Active Packaging has been specially developed for the Sterilin range of transport swabs which are widely used in clinical, pharmaceutical and food microbiology laboratories. Using state of the art technology, the new packaging system maintains product freshness and integrity, giving a guaranteed 15-month shelf life.

During product assembly, the swab packages are vacuum-sealed and then injected with nitrogen. This creates a controlled, reduced environment inside each pouch which stabilises the transport medium at the low Eh essential for fastidious bacteria. Offering important technical benefits over traditional porous paper-plastic film packaging, Sterilin's new plastic film-film pouch is totally waterproof, preventing contamination of the sterile contents by condensation or accidental contact with moist or wet surfaces. The novel 5-layer laminated plastic film also retards the penetration of atmospheric oxygen, preventing media oxidation, evaporation and dehydration.

The new packaging system incorporates a unique tamper evident seal which immediately changes colour from clear to white when the pouch is opened, providing a visible guarantee of first-time use and product sterility and integrity. Unlike conventional paper and plastic pouches, there is no shedding of paper fibres on opening - an important consideration in surgical rooms.

The swab products are easy to identify through the clear plastic film, and, with the lot number, expiry date and description printed on the outside of the pack as well as on the transport tube itself, their full traceability is assured.

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Posted on March 15, 2002